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Cuisine of Slovenia

Until 1960s Slovenia’s agriculture primarily shaped by a tendency toward selfsufficiency, where farmers worked to supply for their own families, rather to sell the crops on the market. In that time food variety was still pretty much geographically determined, which was a heritage of long history and extremes in geography. “According to ethnological classification, there were traditionally four major types of food culture in Slovenia. ”

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Happy Healthy Cows Rickshaw / Cycle Ride

Cows and rickshaws, a wonderful day with a meandering herd through the streets of London. Breezing through Hyde Park over the Serpentine; a brief interlude at Buckingham Palace; grazing in front of the Houses of Parliament and a picnic in front of the London Eye. And with a final stop over at St Paul’s Cathedral, a gentle ride back to Trafalgar Square. Continue reading Happy Healthy Cows Rickshaw / Cycle Ride

Cow Carnival

Cow Carnival – the first ever of its kind

With the local Three Counties radio promoting the event, Sunday 20th July resulted in approximately 2,500 – 3,000 guests attending the Cow Carnival. It was a warm summer’s day at Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Cow Protection and Working Oxen farm in Hertfordshire. The event raised awareness of the predicament of cows and bulls and promoted Ahimsa (non‐violence) towards all animals, particularly cows. Opportunities to meet the Manorʹs herd and ox‐carts rides were a central focus. There were many activities including the children’s cow Olympics, exhibitions, workshops and stalls with organic vegetables and cow trinkets. Local groups such as the North Hertfordshire Vegetarian Society also took part. Continue reading Cow Carnival

OXFAM Climate Change Workshop

Lucy Atkin-Read of the Oxfam Campaigns Team
Lucy Atkin-Read of the Oxfam Campaigns Team

A series of climate awareness workshops were organised with Oxfam in collaboration with The Lotus Trust and Bhaktivedanta Manor Environmental Committee. Two senior representatives from Oxfam raised awareness on issues relating to Climate Change and the way it is impacting people across the world, especially agricultural communities in India.

Participants were encouraged to use their new found passion and knowledge of Climate Change to engage community members to influence their local politicians in line with the Big Climate Connection being spearheaded by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.


Ahimsa Milk – Happy Healthy Cows

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In contrast with most dairy farms, the cows at Bhaktivedanta Manor farm in Hertfordshire are NOT force-fed with high protein concentrate and pumped with hormonial drugs to produce more milk, and they do NOT suffer with unnatural and painful outsized udders or struggle to support their own artifically increased body weight. Nor are they killed when they are too old to produce milk. At Bhaktivedanta Manor farm the cows and their calves are free to roam as they please, and we call the milk they produce Ahimsa Milk! Continue reading Ahimsa Milk – Happy Healthy Cows

Karma to Climate Change

Change Your Karma : Change Our Climate

It’s time to sit up and see the icebergs melting and  the weather warnings. Our lifestyle actions are causing reactions, for example, a community of inhabitants living on an Island off the South Pacific have already lost their village to the rising sea level because of the current iceberg melt down.  Their simple living requires no need for electricity nor do they drive cars but they are suffering because of our energy driven lifestyles. Continue reading Karma to Climate Change

Kirtan Experience

Through the Kirtan Experience, The Lotus Trust’s primary objective is to facilitate students having an enlivening experiences of different cultures. By involving and engaging young people in workshops, discussions, seminars, interspersed with evenings of music – known as the Kirtan Experience, filled with dancing and singing – we aim to help students build a sets of skills that are relevant to their lives and equip them for their future personal and professional life. This year’s venue was a week of intercultural youth activity in Florence, Italy. Continue reading Kirtan Experience