Barsana Eye Project

The Facts

In India more than 12 million people are blind, of those, 1.4 million are children less than 15 years old and more then 82% are over 50 years old

80% of visual disability is avoidable!
World Health Organisation (WHO)

The Background

Why Barsana?

  • Barsana is situated in the Mathura district of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Area surrounding Barsana consists of 120 villages with a population of 300,000
  • Estimated annual incidence of Cataract is 4,800
  • Estimated annual Cataract Surgeries performed is 980

The Future

Working closely with Bhaktivedanta Hospital, our partners and its team of doctors who have 15 years of experience in community activities in India, The Lotus Trust plan to:

  • Set up a fully equipped Mobile Clinic
  • Conduct regular camps in 120 villages
  • Conduct school screening camps
  • Perform corrective surgeries and remedial measures initially at the camps and later at the fully equipped hospital
  • Run annual camp to screen 3,500 patients and operate on 650 patients
  • Run monthly eye camps for one year to screen 4,000 patients and operate on 400 patients
  • Purchase of land and facilities for Barsana Eye Hospital