Karma to Climate Change

Change Your Karma : Change Our Climate

It’s time to sit up and see the icebergs melting and  the weather warnings. Our lifestyle actions are causing reactions, for example, a community of inhabitants living on an Island off the South Pacific have already lost their village to the rising sea level because of the current iceberg melt down.  Their simple living requires no need for electricity nor do they drive cars but they are suffering because of our energy driven lifestyles.

Is that fair?

Our constant demands on mother earth for bigger, better and faster resources and technology to improve our lifestyle is causing animal extinction, deforestation, global warming and overall it is making her fragile.

Supported by LUSH
Supported by LUSH

Is your lifestyle costing the earth?

It is simply the law of nature that with every action there is a reaction – this is the meaning of the Sanskrit word karma. Our everyday lifestyle actions in the home, the way we travel, what we eat, how much we dispose of is equally causing a reaction to the natural environment and its ecosystems.  Look around and you will see that our summers have turned into winters and our staple food crops are depleting.

Our material desire to take more than our fair share of the earth’s  resources and to exploit, pollute and dominate the earth has led to this current global crisis. Mother Earth has stopped her flow of abundance due to our selfish ways and unsustainable living.

The ancient teachings of the east state:

“Take only what you need that is set-aside for you. Do not take anything else, for you know to whom it belongs.”
Sri Isopanishad 1

The Karma to Climate Change concept has been created into an experience exhibition to be used for festivals. It has been exhibited around South East England.   The experience exhibition is a journey into discovering ones karmic footprint through interactive and fun areas that challenge and stimulate change. The exhibition offers practical and spiritual solutions to tackle climate change.

It’s simple –

Change Your Karma
Change Our Climate