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Kerala Flood Appeal

Call For Support – Kerala Floods

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The unprecedented rains since 8th August 2018 have brought Kerala to a standstill. Over 200 feared killed and thousands are still stranded. The situation seems to be grim with over 9 lakhs people now in shelter camps and several properties damaged. It is a herculean task to provide relief considering the magnitude of devastation.

Institute (A Project of Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust) has already initiated the relief activities in Pathanamthitta district with our base camp at Thiruvalla.

  • Food relief activities – 2000 plates per day for the last 4 days
  • Medical relief – A team of doctors, nurses and para-medical staff are working round the clock to provide medical help to appx. 800 patients per day for the past 3 days. We have a medical team going house to house to attend to the older and immobile patients.
  • Based on our past experience in Gujarat Earthquake, Tsunami, Uttarakhand, etc., we will be providing counseling – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Water has started receding and we propose to continue the relief work in phases based on the ground realities and past experience in disaster management.
  • We are in the process of identifying few villages where the community health centers/ schools are damaged and we propose to restore or rebuild the same.

Phase 1- Immediate (1-2 months)

  • Medical relief
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is a major problem and if not addressed effectively, it will have grave repercussions. This includes Bereavement Care and Counseling.
  • Identify epidemics after the floods and plan control activities
  • Basic household & immediate requirements in terms of temporary shelters etc. will be provided

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Current Estimates

Support for 10,000 Victims Amt. (Rs.)
Medical relief including medicines, counseling, etc. @ Rs.150 per person Rs.15 Lakhs
Other relief materials like food packets and blankets @ Rs.200 per person Rs.20 Lakhs
Essential items like torch, candles, Dettol, small utensils, water purifier, etc. @ Rs.150 per person Rs.15 Lakhs


Rs.50 Lakhs

Phase 2 (After 2 months)

  • We also propose to provide rehabilitation to the flood victims including building/ repairing community centers & schools.
  • We propose to provide school bus/ van/ mobile clinic
  • We propose to adopt 2 villages and provide medical services, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and ration items.
  • Education and future prevention initiatives

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About Pizza Effect Learning Partnership

Pizza Effect Learning Partnership is coordinated by The Lotus Trust, an educational, relief and development organization in the UK. The Lotus Trust and six partner organisations from Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium implemented this project that connected and united persons through non formal adult education around a common idea of healthy simple food, appreciation of ones own and others culture, and active social integration into the European community.

Through several cooking workshops we established communication, encouraged peer learning within target groups of adults, as well as intergenerational interaction. Using food as an integrating topic, the project updated the knowledge and skills of participating staff by improving their competencies necessary for managing organizations. Through many international mobilities at six meetings, each partner organisation became familiar with large scale of practical adult training methods; improved their communication, fundraising and team-working skills.

By means of informal learning and self-expressive activities based on relevant topics, the barriers limiting the adults social integration were reduced, we become friends, expanded knowledge base and adopted to modern circumstances. We promoted healthy lifestyles and cultural diversity. We cooperated with Wave Network and had local workshops and presentations for persons most at risk of social exclusion (women, children, migrants, refugees, elderly, disabled people and those living in rural areas).

As a result of the project this “Receipe Booklet – Pizza Effect Food Fusion” with the descriptions of food culture, history and way of life of participating countries has been prepared.

PDF download here or view online in the European Cuisine section of this website.

Ahimsa Milk – Happy Healthy Cows

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In contrast with most dairy farms, the cows at Bhaktivedanta Manor farm in Hertfordshire are NOT force-fed with high protein concentrate and pumped with hormonial drugs to produce more milk, and they do NOT suffer with unnatural and painful outsized udders or struggle to support their own artifically increased body weight. Nor are they killed when they are too old to produce milk. At Bhaktivedanta Manor farm the cows and their calves are free to roam as they please, and we call the milk they produce Ahimsa Milk! Continue reading Ahimsa Milk – Happy Healthy Cows