History of the Lotus Trust

The Lotus Trust was established in 2005 as an International charity working in the UK and overseas to alleviate poverty and distress.

Through its close links with local voluntary organisations The Lotus Trust hopes to take on an active role in local Community Capacity Building programmes within the voluntary and community sectors.

As a member of BOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development) and with its affiliations with several NGOs in India and Africa, The Lotus Trust plans to raise awareness, provide support and initiate programmes based on sustainable livelihoods, social equity, economic growth and self reliance through community participation.

The Lotus Trust delivers programmes which target individuals, voluntary, community and ethnic minority sectors across the UK and overseas. It delivers learning programmes, offering a range of courses and workshops with emphasis on vocational training, practical skills, personal development, healthy living, Indian culture and awareness training.

Who Are We

The Lotus Trust is an educational, relief and development agency seeking to transform lives and improve the environment both in the UK and overseas. We work with all, irrespective of belief, religion or race.

Our Vision

We want to enable people to live in harmony with the environment and deal with the trials and difficulties of life so that they may achieve growth out of adversity and embrace a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

The Lotus Trust aims to raise the quality of life of people throughout the UK, celebrate multiculturalism and diversity, and reach those who may be socially deprived or in isolation. It seeks to better equip those in voluntary and community sectors by providing training programmes, vocational guidance, counselling and personal development.

Our Values

Our values are based on ancient eastern principles of Respect, Compassion & Service.

To live in harmony with nature, to show love to all creatures, never to harm any living being, to rejoice in a natural life of simplicity



True respect means a thoughtful, caring and considerate attitude for the world we live in, for humanity, for nature and animals, nurturing the relationship we have without exploiting them for selfish ends.


True compassion can be experienced by opening our hearts to those in difficulty, placing ourselves in their shoes, showing kindness to the earth, nature and all living beings.


True service means to give freely of ourselves without asking for return. As a parent cares for their child, or as a tree provides fruit and shade, this is the very essence of tolerance and generosity.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.