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Medical Supply

Providing essential medical equipment to meet the demand in this emergency.

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Food & Hospitalization

Offering free medical care.

Rapid Support

Distributing free food.

Appeal for Russia-Ukraine crisis response programme

We are deeply saddened to see the suffering faced by people who are affected by the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The Lotus Trust is committed to supporting humanitarian aid to the displaced individuals and families. We request your support to make that a reality. We propose to take a three-pronged approach to support the people in need

Help refugees in the neighbouring countries

Providing meals and essentials to thousands of people who are leaving Ukraine through the bordering states including Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia. Over the last 3 days, the centres have distributed over 6,000 meals free of cost.

Support affected individuals within Crisis zone

We will partner with ISKCON centres within Ukraine who are already distributing food in-mass to the people who are affected and in need of the same. Over the last 5 days, the centres have distributed over 4,000 meals free of cost.

Initiatives to rehabilitate

Over a medium to longer term horizon, we plan to create initiatives to rehabilitate the impacted people and families affected by this crisis to rebuild their lives following this devastating and traumatic event.

Our immediate focus is to scale the food distribution to 10,000 meals a day and support the activity for the first 60 days. We will send a team from the UK to support the relief effort on the ground. We are raising an initial amount of £1.2m to support this activity. Donate generously today to help us to provide essential humanitarian aid to those in desperate need.


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