As the scale of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine became apparent in the first week of March. We launched our urgent appeal to help the thousands of people fleeing into neighbouring countries for safety.

Lotus Trust UK have organised a "Walk for Ukraine" event to raise £75k. The Walk, from Krishna Avanti Primary School in Edgware to Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple, is an opportunity for people in the UK to raise money for a very good cause - providing 10,000 meals per day to people affected by the Ukraine Russia crisis.

The Walk for Ukraine will commence from the Krishna Avanti School, Camrose Avenue, Edgware to Bhaktivedanta Manor temple.

Registration for the Walk is compulsory for all participants and it is free. We encourage everyone, young, old and children over 12 to take part.

Please see below link for registering online:

More information about the Walk.

Participants will begin arriving and confirming registration in the main hall of the school from 9am. During the registration you will be required to submit your donation form if you received payment by cash or cheque. We will be able to check your online collection. The registration team will take note of your details to ensure that a track is kept of your fundraising.

Before the walk commences you will be given a Walker pack which will include.

T shirt
Bottle of water

Once you have registered you will be directed to the entrance of the school where you will be introduced to a group leader. There will be 15 participants per group and the first group will start walking at 9.15am. We are anticipating that everyone will be out of school by 10am.

Each group leader will be responsible for 15 participants, will guide walkers on the route and will be the first point of contact for any emergency. On the way to temple there will be volunteers at specific points such as roundabouts, traffic lights and zebra crossings to ensure the safety of participants.

On arrival at the temple you will be directed to The Haveli for some refreshments and lunch. There will be short presentations by Lotus Trust UK and temple management in the Haveli hall for all the participants. We are anticipating that the event will finish by 2pm.

Thank you, please register for “Walk for Ukraine" event to raise £75k!

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