While many who suffer from Covid-19 in India’s big cities are struggling to get ambulances, and many hospitals are running out of oxygen, it’s horrifying to think of what this wave of the pandemic would do to the rural areas.

What About Those Outside The City?

Most of those who live in rural areas don’t have access to the internet or even how to use it. Which brings up questions like how will they be able to get a vaccine if they can’t make an appointment? Modelers are predicting that the virus will hit the countryside next, and that they need to prepare.

In rural India, testing is less widespread and with many migrant workers returning to their native villages, containing the spread of the virus is bound to be a challenge. With the lack of hospitals and equipment to fight covid-19, the impact of the virus is hard to measure.

The overall awareness is low in rural India, so taking simple measures has been a challenge for residents as they don’t know when to go to the doctor, or have been hesitant to take the vaccine.

To help India defeat covid, you can go to this page here to donate to organizations that can help fight in the pandemic. Global Giving has a campaign right now here to raise money to aid in relief work for families in rural areas who are struggling.

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