India’s fight for health continues as its highest daily death toll was recorded Wednesday morning with 4,529. The country’s total is now at 283,248. The pandemic hit all across the globe and right now we need to band together to help India defeat Covid. (Source:

What Can Be Done?

There is an urgent appeal to get aid to India as soon as possible, and a great place to start is here, at the lotus trust uk. Other ways you can help India defeat covid is by donating to organizations that help with their oxygen crisis such as:

  •  Direct Relief- who is working to distribute oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies.
  •  Oxygen for India- organized by the international Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, is setting up help desks at various hospitals to ensure that people get access to oxygen cylinders and concentrators for free.
  • Project Hope- a global aid organization that is distributing medical supplies in India and educating communities on how to stop COVID-19 from spreading. (Source:
  • Together we serve each other better. We all have suffered from the pandemic and right now we need to stand united to defeat Covid-19.


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