What We Do


The Lotus Trust delivers programmes which target individuals, voluntary, community and ethnic minority sectors across the UK and overseas. It delivers learning programmes, offering a range of courses and workshops with emphasis on vocational training, practical skills, personal development, healthy living, Indian culture and awareness training.

Programmes are aimed at adults and young people, the unemployed, black and ethnic minority communities, women, single parents, the elderly and disabled people.

Programmes include:

  • Workshops on issues such as multiculturalism, diversity, sharing information and correcting misconceptions and stereotypes, developing partnerships with other communities and countries as part of development education
  • Personal development training, confidence building, assertiveness training, presentation skills.
  • Healthy living, lifestyle training, vegetarian cooking, yoga and meditation, Ayurveda health workshops, stress management.
  • Training in Indian Classical Dance, Vastu (the science of designing and building houses), Vedic Astrology, Mehndi (temporary, pain-free body decoration alternative to tattooing), Hindi and Sanskrit language classes


  • Schools for street children / gift for hope
  • Basic numeracy and literacy for village women
  • Micro-credit schemes
  • Training traditional birth attendants
  • Sewing classes for women
  • Clean water projects
  • Eye clinics
  • Hospital (Barsana, India)


  • Major disasters
  • Medical help
  • Food
  • Clothes and shelter

Our Projects

Past Projects:

  • Sita Drama Troupe – this project included a drama troupe enacting stories from ancient India into 15 Primary schools in Hertfordshire. Through dance, drama and music children were provided with an exciting way of learning about Indian culture as well as building confidence, communication and learn about working skills.
  • Sign language Book for the Deaf – There are 8.7 million deaf or hard of hearing people in the UK, that is approximately 1 in 7 of the total population. The Lotus Trust in partnership with The Radha Krishna Deaf Association have produced:
    • a Sign Language Dictionary with key Vaishnava terms
    • produced a DVD with an accompanying guide for deaf people
    • acquired an interpreter to run courses based on the book
  • Bangladesh Cyclone Appeal
  • Education Resource Packs

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